Benefits of UV water purifiers


There are so many ways to treat water these days all to reduce the illnesses caused by drinking dirty water. In a statement, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said that dirty water kills more people than war. This goes to show the extent to which lack of clean drinking water damages humanity.

To stay safe, and ensure that you thrive accordingly; it is best to make sure that you only drink water that is safe. There are so many ways to do this, and we will be discussing a particular one right here. This post will be looking at UV water purifiers.

What is a UV water purifier?lDSNKLAclacnlsclknaC

A UV water purifier is a machine that uses ultraviolet rays to kill bacteria in water and make it safe for drinking. The rays penetrate disease-causing germs in the dirty water and kill them.

Benefits of a UV water purifier

Chemical free

UV water filters do not use any chemicals to treat the water. This is particularly important because chemicals are known to have side effects to the human body. Some pathogens are known to be resistant to chemicals like chlorine that are used in water treatment. Ultraviolet rays are effective at getting rid of all the water germs.


From a long-term point of view, the UV water filtration system is very affordable. Maintenance is usually once a year when the UV lamp is being changed and will save a lot of bills that would have been paid to hospitals.

Time saving

Water treatment is usually instant, meaning that a lot of time is saved. Unlike chemical treatment where the water has to settle in a container and wait for at least an hour before the chemicals take effect.

Buying the perfect UV water filter

Selecting a good UV water filter requires that you take ample time and know a thing or two about the technology. Here is what you should look for when buying.


Make sure that you pick a size that is perfect for your home. These water purifiers come in all shapes and sizes, and for this reason, should be chosen carefully.

UV lamp replacement

After some time, the UV generating lamp has to be replaced, hence the need for you to choose one that lasts very long. The average lifetime for most is one year. Some will even come with a counter to let you know when the replacement is due.

Filter inclusion

When it comes to particles in the water, especially muddy water, there is very little that a UV water filter can do. This is why you need a filter, to help get rid of particles in the water. However, this will depend on the quality of your water.

First aid kit: Buyers’ guide


A first aid kit is an essential piece of equipment, no matter where you are. Having one means that you will be able to provide assistance in the case of an accident, and possibly save a life; including yours. If you are looking to get one, then you have to make sure that you get the best—here is a guide to help you get the best one for your needs.

What must be included in the first aid kit


Bandages are a must have in any first aid kit. The most common accidents include cuts and grazes, and having bandages in your first aid kit will ensure that you can take care of them.


Gauze is one of the most important items you can have in your kit—it can be used for several operations when administering first aid. It can be used to stop bleeding, clean wounds, general dressing of a wound, just to name a few.


Every kit will come with a pair of scissors, given their importance in first aid. Mainly, they are used to cut bandages and gauze; ensuring that the dressing is a perfect and economical use of the resources.


When cleaning a wound, tweezers are perfect for getting rid of dirt from the wounds. For instance, if a wound has a splinter, some dirt stones, etc., a pair of tweezers is the perfect tool to get rid of them.

Loperamide tablets

These are used to offer assistance if you have diarrhea. It is an emergency pill to help you stop it long enough to seek a doctor’s attention.


Make sure that your kit comes with a box of gloves. This will help you maintain hygiene while providing first aid.


Antiseptic is used to get rid of germs in an instant, perfect for cleaning wounds, and most importantly—cleaning your hands before you take care of any wounds with your hands; especially if you have no gloves in your first aid kit.


Painkillers are lsdknvklasndlkvlksdvlknalskndvlkansdlvknlsadvsaa must have for minor pains, including headaches, toothaches, and stomachaches.

Always remember that first aid is the intermediate stage to taking care of accidents or minor health issues. After carefully administering—it is best for the recipient to seek medical attention from a physician. Also, make sure to take some time and attend a first aid class so that you can do it the right way.